Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my vacation begins...

My sister, Sullivan and I arrived in Nashville last night and my brother-in-law Tyson picked us up from the airport. It feels so good to be here! A couple of my friends and family members have blogs and wanted me to start one so I figured now would be a good time since I'm on vacation and I'll have a chance to write and maybe some good things to talk about. Tomorrow, tracy and I are going to clean up around the house, do some shopping and cook a dinner to bring to her friend's house. People in the south are really hospitable and a good way to show you care is some good home cookin'. My goal is to make some good meals that I have never made so tomorrow I'm gonna find some good recipes and do some grocery shopping. My other goal is to adjust to TN time (which is 2 hours later than CA). That way I can make a habit of going to bed and waking up early and I will be ready for school by the time I get back.

I've been waiting for this trip for a long time now because I am so excited about no work, relaxing, and having some fun in Nashville. Most of all I am excited about spending time with my family, especially my little nephew Sully. He's so cute, and such a ham ;) He got mad on the plain when other passengers weren't paying enough attention to him. He focused on the ones who were sound asleep and made loud yelping noises until they awoke to his glowing smile and huge beautiful eyes looking back at them. Surprisingly nobody complained and a few even complimented on how happy and well behaved he was. By the end of the flight, we were surrounded by Sully's new friends.

It was so cute to see him looking out the window... he was so amazed. It makes you realize how innocent and pure in nature a baby is because every little thing is so brand new and exciting to them. I look forward to being around to witness this little guy experiencing more and more things for the first time.