Monday, September 29, 2008

Wrapping Up My Summer...

My favorite time of the year came to an end about a week ago. I thought I'd try to squeeze in some fun things before it gets cold and it has kept me pretty busy the last couple of weeks! Two weekends ago, Thomas and I went camping at Don Pedro Lake with Steph and her family. It was so beautiful all weekend long. The picture above is the sunset from our campground Saturday evening. We barbequed good food and took the boat out on Saturday and Sunday. I hadn't wakeboarded in awhile but I was determined to get back up and did pretty well considering it had been so long. I wish I was able to do tricks, Steph's dad makes it look so easy! Thomas wanted to find a cliff to jump off of so we finally found one on the last day for him. I let him and Orrin go ahead first and once I saw that they were ok I went for it. Don't worry mom! Randy went over the whole area in the boat to see how deep the water was first ;) By Sunday evening we were all exhausted. We stopped and ate at In n' Out (which seems to be the tradition when we're on the road), went home and went to bed. Steph and her family did a good job preparing for the weekend and we had so much fun hanging out with them. I try to go camping every year but next summer I want to plan a longer trip. A weekend just isn't long enough!


Patty B. said...

Thank you, Miss Paigie, for checking for shallow water. But . . . DON'T DO THAT AGAIN ! ! ! !
yo mama loves you ALOT

Manda said...

See i read your blog! i like it ;) its nice seing what your up too since we are so far away. now get everyone else to do it!

Patty B. said...

Miss you, sweetie ! ! !
love you LOTS,